Comfort Card Collection

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All 36 Comfort Cards bundled up in one collection! Also includes the Blank Edition which has 20 blank cards.

Standard Edition:

This set is already included with every Comfort Critter!  It is NOT included in the Comfort Card Collection.

You're in my heart / I'm here for you / You're amazing / I'm praying for you / I love you / I miss you / plus two blank cards for your personalized messages. Plus, you can add your own message to the back of each Comfort Card.

Feelings Edition:

In the Feelings Edition, a range of emotions are artistically illustrated using Monk Monk's face. Happy, angry, surprised, and sad are a few of the 11 emotions included in this edition. Sometimes we don't even have the words to express how we are feeling; the Feelings cards can help begin the process of allowing feelings to surface and be experienced.

11 hand-drawn color illustrations depicting various emotions. Each card can be personalized on the back of the card.

Faith Edition:

In the Faith Edition, each card conveys an inspirational message. The messages can be used as daily prayers, as well as affirmations of strength and encouragement to inspire you during times of challenge, change, and celebration.

8 messages, plus 2 blank cards for your own personalized message. Example: "Peace be with you", "God will comfort you when you are afraid", and "Rejoice and be glad".

Prompts Edition:

Effective communication (speaking and listening) is the key to allowing feelings to surface and be experienced. In the Prompts Edition, each card prompts you to complete a sentence, allowing you to share the things that are important. These prompts can be incorporated throughout the day; driving to school, family gatherings, and especially during difficult times of sadness or loss.

11 different prompts, like: "I wish my family would…", "I feel the most scared when…", and "I feel the most loved when…".

Blanks Edition:

The Blanks Edition is the perfect set for customizing your own messages. Friends and family members can write a message; paste a photo to one side of the card, and write a message on the other side; or draw a picture on the cards. Use your special creativity to make these Comfort Cards personal and meaningful.

20 blank cards that can be creatively customized.


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